About Us

About Us

Quad Biking in MalagaFirstly I would like to introduce you to my family, small but perfectly formed! Myself (Susan), my husband Darren and the two most important people in my life, Thomas and Megan, the kids.

We moved here to Spain from Yorkshire fifteen years ago and one of the fortunate few that have never looked back, we totally love been outdoors and Andalucia offers all of this to us and more.
United Kingdom is a great country but the weather can be so restricting and work commitments that controlled our leisure time resulted in us taking drastic measures, pack up and ship out!

Having always owned several different different modes of transport throughout my driving life it was a natural progression to own and operate a quad trekking business.
The area we live in is beautiful, rural, inland Spain with stunning views, so within a matter of a year or so we bought quads for the family allowing us the opportunity to travel into the deepest sierras and lakes to see so much more.

This eventually rubbed off on my son Tom who now has his own quad bike for use around the land and I would love to see him come into the business at a later date. Meg my twelve year old now has her own quad which she uses on the land at home! Takes after her mum!

After having explored the areas known locally to us we started to take friends and family for treks with us and before we realised it we had filled a need.

There are plenty of wonderful Guest Houses and bed and breakfast accommodations in the area and once we introduced this service to the local community an idea and business was born!

2007-01-03 12.55.12Every time I go out is as good as the first, with great like minded people to meet and new wildlife to see, it really has to be the best job in the world.

We have 4 quads to offer and I don’t want to grow any more than this,it is better for both me and you the client to be in smaller groups for a more personal, informative trek.

As for leisure time well we are fortunate to have this in abundance but we had to work hard in the early years to get here, but absolutely all worth while. We intend on staying and enjoying this lifestyle for a good few years to come and while ever the Spanish sun shines we shall be quadding.