El Chorro

El Chorro


El chorro has much to offer for all the activity seekers out there but without a doubt the rock climbers maximise the cooler winter season taking full advantage of the cooler rock surface and temps to brave the many world reknown rockfaces here in andalucia. As someone who prefers to have my feet firmly on the ground it fascinates me watching these nimble agile climbers who, with a few simple ropes and tackle, manage to scale magnificent crags and faces. Although the climbers season is drawing to an end we enjoy on many occasion pulling over on the quads and watching these light footed experts at work making it appear so easy…. not for the faint hearted

Caminito del Rey

Renovation officially finished in March 2015 which turned this terrifying walk into a much more manageable and enhoyable experience.

The renivation work included a temporary passage from the train bridge to the existing pathway. installing new support wires have been connected to the rockface allowing for workers to pass along the still unstable walkway safely, and finally creating a new suspension bridge across the gorge.

The opening has brought in an huge level of tourists both from within Spain and outside. El Caminito del Rey has always been famous amongst the climbers and adventour seeking visitors, but now it has become a major attraction.

In order to walk the route you need to secure a tickey in advance, but currently the waiting list for tickets is about 3 months!! In order to stop a black market for the tickets the authorities want your Passport (or NIE if you are Resident in Spain), which you must produce when collecting your ticket and crossing the entrance.

This is a guided walk and you must arrive at the designated time. You have a choice of starting at the Lakes or at the El Chorro village and buses will bring you back.