Hills Have Eyes

Hills Have Eyes

Quad Bike Trek 1

Tour Overview

The Paraje Natural del Desfiladero de los Gaitanes is high above the village of El Chorro. This mountain is flanked with several sierras which rock-climber from all over the world come to conquer. Eagles and vultures can be seen soaring and some of the most breathtaking views can be seen from this vantage point.


  • 15min Safety Tutorial and Trial Test at base.
  • Leave base heading west of Alora on a tarmac surface.
  • Following the road round in the direction of Valle De Abdalajis we pass the newly constructed tunnel for the AVE High Speed Train.
  • The route continues up and around the base of the Sierra De Huma.
    From this point rock-climbers, paragliders and birdlife can be observed.
  • Heading up the mountainside the tarmac surface becomes a good surfaced track where we enter into the national park.
  • Halfway up the sierra we reach a point called Tajo del Estudiante, a ledge from where the paragliders take flight and the views down the Guardalhorce valley are stunning.
  • Passing over the top through the two sierras of Llana and Valle de Abdalajis we connect to a loose gravel road and as we pass down this side there is an abundance of birdlife to be seen, Griffon Vultures, Eagles and we have seen Mountain Deer in this region also.
  • Once at the bottom the road returns to tarmac and we travel round in the direction of the Ardales lakes on the higher road. The first glimpse of the lakes here are stunning and the rock faces around here are popular with walkers and birdwatchers alike.
  • We carry on round to the second lake and at this point we take a pit stop. Join us for a refreshing dip in the lakes and refreshments.
  • Once finished here we carry on round the perimeter of the lakes and stop at the first lake Embalse Del Conde De Guardalhorce, as the view of the lakes are beautiful and an ideal opportunity to capture some fantastic photos.
  • We now head along the El Chorro road passing by the Garganta del Chorro with the Camino Del Rey pathway attached to the rock face. Also from here you can see the metal bridge famous for its appearance in the film Von Ryans Express starring Frank Sinatra.
  • Heading back west to Alora we pass the El Chorro dam and back through the village of Bermejo and finally back to base.


Show Time

Duration & Price

El Hacho Trek
Driver €100
Passenger Free

4 hrs

Tax Included