Ardales Lakes

Ardales Lakes

Quad Bike Trek 2

Tour Overview

Three stunningly beautiful turquoise lakes set in pine forests, with stunning rock formations of which the Garganta Del Chorro is the most famous, a gorge carved through the rock from the Guardalhorce river flowing to the sea.


  • 15min Safety Tutorial and Trial Test at base.
  • Leabe base heading West of Alora in the direction of the village of El Chorro
  • First we arrive at the dam, and a few corners later we catch our first glimpse of the spectacular Garganta del Chorro.
  • The gorge has a pathway called the Camino Del Rey attached, which although not intact is clearly visible.
  • Also from this point you can see the infamous green metal bridge, having been a film set in Von Ryans Express starring Frank Sinatra.
  • Heading further west towards the lakes, we pass through pine forest-flanked roads and some stunning rock formations. The road remains tarmac throughout.
  • We arrive at the first lake Embalse del Conde de Guadalhorce. The views from here I have always likened to Canada, the turquoise blue waters surrounded by huge pines and a rugged rock backdrop.
  • Following around the perimeter of the lakes we head out in the direction of Antequera, reaching the second lake. Here we take a stop for refreshments and a refreshing dip if you wish in the summer months, the waters being warm in the shallows.
  • Once we have finished here we head back to the village of El Chorro and take the Angosturas road which takes us on a higher road running around the base of the Sierra de Huma.
  • From here you can see many birds in their natural habitat, such as Griffon Vultures and Booted and Short-toed Eagles. Also rock climbers can be seen on the rock face defying gravity.
  • We follow around this road and pass through the hamlet of Angosturas, passing the newly constructed tunnels for the AVE high speed train and heading down the valley Eastwards back to Alora base.


Show Time

Duration & Price

Ardales Lake Trek
Driver €100
Passenger Free
Duration 3 hrs
Tax Included